5 Basics Of The Mediterranean Lifestyle

By Jamie Leach

Growing up, fresh vegetables, a handful of raw nuts, or even a bowl of lentil soup were my regular after-school snacks. 

Follow the Mediterranean Diet

Beyond sharing a meal, the Mediterranean culture cultivates a balanced social life and a certain connectedness to the people who matter. 

Be with family. Share with loved ones

Mediterranean people do not specifically carve out two hours a day for heavy lifting at the gym. But, that doesn’t make them inactive.

Move Naturally 

They love to tell stories; their conversations filled with humor. There is certainly a sense of priority-- yes, take life seriously, but to do so with a joyful attitude.

Laugh Often

Take food for example; Mediterranean folks don’t buy too much of any one ingredient. The whole concept of buying in bulk remains foreign to them.

Live (More) Simply

Eating freshly matters, and they don't mind making multiple trips to the market--on foot, mostly.

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