8 Best Heart-Healthy Mediterranean Diet Foods

Olive oil is one of the mainstays of the Mediterranean diet and is used in everything from cooking to salad dressings. 

Olive oil

Fish is a healthy source of protein that also delivers healthy fats, making it perfect for both a Mediterranean and heart-healthy diet. 


Mediterranean diets are rich in vegetables, so try our Sautéed Broccoli & Kale with Toasted Garlic Butter as a dinner side.

Leafy greens

Compared to refined grains, whole grains are full of fiber and nutrients crucial for heart health. 

Whole grains

From pasta sauce to caprese and more, tomatoes are just as versatile as they are heart-healthy. 


Research shows that eating nuts regularly is good for your heart (learn more about the health benefits of eating nuts). 

Nuts & seeds

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