Healthiest Lunch Options On The Mediterranean Diet

By Jamie Leach

One of her favorite Mediterranean-diet lunches is a simple chicken wrap. 

Mediterranean chicken wrap for protein and fiber

Lentil salad is a filling dish full of delicious Mediterranean ingredients that are sure to keep you full with a ton of fiber and great texture.

Lentil salad can be a filling lunch

The Mediterranean diet should be primarily plant-based, so a farro and bean salad fits the mold exactly.

Make a bowl with farro, eggplant, and white beans

Pair the stuffed dates with Greek yogurt or a small lentil salad for a bigger meal.

For a sweet and light lunch, try almond-stuffed dates

For an easy Mediterranean-inspired lunch, opt for a tuna sandwich made with Greek yogurt instead of mayo. 

Whip up a satisfying tuna sandwich with a twist

For the vegetables, try adding carrots, cucumber, lettuce, and tomato. You can also include a dollop of Greek yogurt mixed with dill.

Make a homemade chicken pita with fresh herbs

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